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AGELOCER “The Volcano Series”: making time interpret volcanic eruptions on the dial

Recently, we paid attention to the new AGELOCER project “The Volcano Series” on the kickstarter crowdfunding platform, whose design concept comes from the geological movement of volcanic eruptions. With this article, we dig deeper into AGELOCER’s “Volcano Watch”, from design concept to watchmaking technology, to see the surprises of this watch.

Beyond the popular unique design concept – eternal vitality

Whether on land or in the ocean, volcanoes are spread all over the world and dozens of volcanoes are in motion every day. Molten magma shaped the Earth’s surface, leaving craters that propel mountain peaks high. As the magma cools, a desolate landscape forms. We know that volcanoes give rise to life. Each volcanic eruption sends nutrients from deep underground, breaking down newly formed rock into fertile soil that allows life to flourish all over the world. Of course, volcanic eruptions are also a constant reminder that life is so fragile that a single eruption can destroy all civilizations. It reminds us that we must protect the environment and respect nature at this time.

The design concept of AGELOCER “The Volcano Series” – a watch inspired by volcanic activity, using the watch’s design to tell the power of the Earth’s 4.6 billion years of metabolism and regeneration. AGELOCER incorporates volcanic shapes and elements into the mechanical dial, presenting a feeling of impact and power.

Different from the time reading method of traditional watches, it adopts a creative three-hand reading method, in which the instantaneous hand, minute hand and second hand are separated. All the hands of this watch have been carefully designed to interpret the vitality of the earth in the multi-level hollow dial. The 12 hour disc turns into a crater and the “lava” continuously releases thermal energy as the hour disc rotates. The minute hand design also refers to the lava flow process, and the traditional minute hand is creatively designed as a pointer with a three-way curved flow. The three hands are of different lengths, but they can take turns precisely pointing the dial of the triple minute hand in the upper right corner of the dial. It is the result of precise calculations and repeated tests by the designer. It should be noted that the minute dial of this watch is based on lava ravines formed after the magma cooled. It adopts CNC cutting technology, and the high-precision process eliminates internal stresses to precisely and smoothly engrave smooth lava-like lines on the dial. The meticulous design of the independent small seconds disc shows the scene of volcanic lava flowing into the fissure to form a vortex.

This is a series of stories about vitality, each watch model depicts a different form of volcano

Volcanoes are not all the same. Some eruptions are accompanied by loud explosions, others silently flow lava, and some become dormant volcanoes, providing fertile ground for life to thrive. AGELOCER’s “Volcano Series” gives time a new expression. The “Volcano Series” shows different forms of volcanic landform themes through different color schemes.

Orange energy – volcanic eruption, magma keeps roaring and roaring

Yellow Breakthrough – volcanic eruption accompanied by huge lightning and thunder

Blue Hope – the water at the top of the mountain forms a pool, representing hope and courage

Green Evolution – the combination of volcanic ash and water, life evolves

80-hour automatic movement independently developed and designed by the brand

AGELOCER “Volcano Series” uses the Cal.A5505 automatic mechanical movement independently developed and designed by the brand. This movement replaces the traditional one-sided watch bridge with a horizontal bridge to form a more stable structure, which ensures the stable operation of the movement while maintaining a more balanced visual aesthetic. The movement adopts a magic lever bidirectional winding system. Whichever direction the pendulum rotates, it can automatically wind the watch. Wearing the watch normally can automatically store infinite energy, without worrying about the watch stopping.

It is understood that the movement has a powerful performance of 80 hours of ultra-long kinetic energy storage, which is twice that of the ordinary movement, and it can still accurately time it after 3 days of rest. The vibration frequency is 28,800 times/1H, accurate to 1/8 second. For watches with long kinetic energy, the torque changes more smoothly during the energy release process of the watch movement, which improves the stability and accuracy of the watch. The daily error is controlled within ±15 seconds, which is much lower than the daily error of ±30 seconds, which is the international standard for mechanical watches.

The gun black movement is treated with a DLC carbon coating process, the front is polished with a fine fish scale pattern and the back is satin-brushed for a metallic finish. All edges are chamfered and polished, the gunmetal automatic oscillating weight is engraved with gold letters, equipped with 35 synthetic ruby ​​bearings, fully showing the beauty of the machine.

To sum up:

Whether it’s design or technology, AGELOCER’s “The Volcano Series” watches perfectly demonstrate respect and innovation for traditional handcrafted watchmaking with innovative and modern features. The super early bird price on kickstarter is currently only $299, which is 50% of the normal price, limited to 50 coins! Interested friends can pay attention to this product.

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