Volcanic mountains

Coffis Brother & AJ Lee & Blue Summit at Volcanic | Volcanic Theater Pub | Live Music | The Weekly Source

Jamie and Kellen Coffis, born and raised in the Santa Cruz Mountains of Northern California, don’t tend to think too much about their music. Nothing in their repertoire is overworked or exceeds its welcome. It’s pure roots rock, focused on melody, harmony, rhythm and ambiance. There are echoes of The Byrds, Tom Petty and The Jayhawks, and after years of touring, they’ve refined their sound into shimmering, energetic rock and roll. They are placed in a long line of sibling duets dating back to the Delmores, Louvins and Everly Brothers.

On their fourth studio album, the Coffis Brothers enlisted the help of Tim Bluhm of The Mother Hips, who worked as a producer throughout the record. Recorded at 25th Street Studios in Oakland in early 2019 and ended over several months at Bluhm’s home studio in Fairfax, In The Cuts is a 12-song rock and roll album that marks the latest installment in the Coffis Brothers catalog. All songs were written and sung by Jamie (vocals and keyboards) and Kellen (vocals, guitar), and were performed by Kyle Poppen (lead guitar), Aidan Collins (bass, backing vocals), Sam Kellerman (drums and percussion) and Tim Bluhm (backing vocals and guitar.)

AJ Lee and Blue Summit made their first appearance in Santa Cruz in 2015. Led by singer, songwriter and mandolinist AJ Lee, the bluegrass group has performed around the world, but have settled in the region. from California Bay. In 2019, they released their debut album, Like I Used To. Their second full-length project, I’ll Come Back, is released in August 2021 – with a nationwide tour in support of the ongoing record.