Volcanic mountains

Durable upright bourbon, impeccably marbled Wagyu and volcanic sand sheets


Did you know…

That they make sustainable bourbon in the middle of Nevada?

That you don’t need the strength of a superhero to climb 36 cans of beer to the top of a mountain?

Can this volcanic sand do wonders for your restful sleep?

You will be.

Once you’ve delved into today’s Wanted List, containing the latest and greatest items we’d love to get right away.

There are stylish clothes and sturdy boots made in the USA. Bourbon raised on a Nevada ranch and amazingly marbled steaks from Japan. Among other amazing things that you must see.

And that’s… one to grow one.

Come check it out.

What it is: Frey Ranch Straight Bourbon Whiskey, which is grown, aged and bottled on site by Fallon, the Frey family of Nevada, on the ranch land their family has cultivated for 165 years.

Why we want it: This is an unfiltered, cold-filtered bourbon distilled from four slow-growing beans whose founders are committed to sustainability and eco-friendly practices. Plus, it’s just a fantastic whiskey, which makes us inherently crave it.

What it is: The new Cross Country collection for running fanatics at Tracksmith.

Why we want it: They have a clean, vintage collegiate look that tells the world you love to jog and also graduated with honors. Even when you’re just at the bar enjoying an Old Fashioned afternoon with a friend.

What it is: The beautifully marbled Kagoshima Wagyu A5 Rib eye of Imperia Caviar from Japan, available to ship to friends who appreciate the finest beef. Or just ship to yourself. Since you know your take on fine beef pretty well.

Why we want it: In a way, it feels like we don’t even need to explain this one.

What it is: The Venture cooler from Otterbox. This is the cooler that you will take with you to the mountains for camping or watching the leaves or whatever you do there. We don’t need to know.

Why we want it: These are 25-65 quart coolers, made in Colorado, with a classic look that keep all your rations, beer and GORP cool for up to 14 days, with built-in bottle opener, dry storage tray , and integrated handles. Really, who wants hot GORP?

What it is: New Hydro Flask 20L Day Escape soft cooler pack. It’s the backpack cooler you’ll take to the beach and don for day hikes, heroically stopping at the ridge to admire a landscape of leaves turning orange, red, and purple.

Why we want it: It’s elegant. It is soft. It’s waterproof. It weighs just 48 ounces but can hold up to 36 cans, making it easy to transport your beer across the sand. Your personal beer caddy sighed in relief.

What it is: Sleep Number’s True Temp bedding collection, to keep your cold side cool and your warm side … cool also while you sleep.

Why we want it: Available in sheets, pillowcases, mattress protectors and blankets, they use volcanic sand particles to retain heat when it’s cold and wick away moisture and heat when you’re hot.

What it is: 1000 Mile handcrafted boots that are tougher than tough, made in the USA as part of a collaboration between Wolverine and Ram Trucks. We can feel a Bob Seger song coming.

Why we want it: Horween Leather. Vibram outsole. Goodyear stitched construction. Flat waxed cotton laces. A ram depicted on the tongue. If that’s not enough, each pre-order purchase gives SkillsUSA $ 10.

What it is: Super soft, odor resistant and moisture wicking bamboo bath towels from Cariloha.

Why we want it: If they’re as soft as the Cariloha t-shirts we covet, we’re 100% on bath products too.

What it is: Halloween Horror Nights is back and already underway at Universal Studios in Los Angeles, Orlando, Japan and Singapore, placing horror fans directly into the storylines and sets of their favorite horror films.

Why we want to go: Not only are we looking for a lair right after missing the Halloween scares last year, but after the past 18 months, the idea of ​​taking on Michael Myers, Leatherface and The purge sounds like a healthy version. And hardly less scary than a trip to the supermarket.