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Glenwood Springs’ 125th Strawberry Days will bring music to the mountains

A Band Called Alexis wraps up Friday night’s live music lineup at the 125th Strawberry Days Festival.
A band called Alexis

These boots were made for stomping to the beat of live music, and this weekend they’ll do just that.

Glenwood Springs’ 125th Annual Strawberry Days is set to host 11 live performances at Two Rivers Park from Friday night through Sunday afternoon, said Tara Harman, director of operations and special events for the Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Foundation.

“The majority of our bands are local – we really like having as much community presence as possible,” Harman said. “And we have them from all over the region. It’s always nice to bring these people from other parts of Colorado.

After a pandemic-related hiatus for the past two years, Glenwood Springs’ favorite summer event is in full swing this year with activities scheduled throughout the weekend. Live music is set to serenade attendees as they eat free strawberries and ice cream, browse the arts and crafts fair, or engage in the many activities featured by Family Fest.

“We kick off our music on Friday with Cody Jeffryes, a true local – born and raised in the Valley,” Harman said. “We will continue the party on Saturday with MarchFourth. They bring a larger than life presence to the main stage.

“And on Sunday morning we end the weekend with Rodrigo, a musician from the valley with a wide repertoire to offer to the participants.”

With many musicians unable to perform live over the past two years, Harman said the chamber was overwhelmed with the number of musicians seeking to perform during the festival.

“This year it was a lot easier to set up than expected,” she said. “We had so many options that our music committee had their hands full deciding who would play.”

According to Skinny Eggs Benny frontman Jeff Rice, the Roaring Fork Valley live music scene has seen a huge resurgence in recent months.

“I think people have been so suppressed for so long that there’s just this massive demand for live music and festivals right now,” Rice explained. “It really started to pick up last fall, and I’ve been booked solidly since the start of the year.”

Focusing on a mix of rock ‘n’ roll, classical to indie, Rice formed Skinny Eggs Benny about six months ago with lead guitarist Phil Williams and bassist Eric Kincaid. While the trio have been playing together for less than a year, Rice said each musician brings about 30 years of onstage experience.

“I play three to four nights a week, between my four bands,” Rice said. “Phil is in four bands, and Eric is in at least two bands if not more.”

Opening the Saturday noon performance schedule, Skinny Eggs Benny describes himself as “blessed by the groove gods and influenced by the myriad sounds of Southern California and the soul rock of the Bay Area of ​​California”.

The name Skinny Eggs Benny was likely Kincaid’s concoction, but Rice said he couldn’t remember exactly who originated it.

“We wanted the name to be Skinny Jenny, but there’s another band with that name,” Rice recalled. “Then someone said, ‘What about Skinny Eggs Benny?’ And it sounds good, so it stuck.

Compiling a compelling performance schedule for the main stage was key to reviving the festival, Harman said. With everything in motion, she thanked the many people involved in planning and hosting the 125th Strawberry Days.

“We definitely missed hosting Strawberry Days, and I think the community missed the festival as well,” Harman said. “It’s exciting to come back and have something to celebrate together. It’s going to be a great year. »