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Hydrate Your Soul This Fall With SPLENDOR® Water, Volcanic Water With Natural Colloidal Gold & Silver | Company

Hydrate your soul this fall with SPLENDOR® Water, volcanic water with natural colloidal gold and silver

SPLENDOR® is From a natural Aquifer nestled in the rainforest of Maná, Ecuador

GREENSBORO, North Carolina – SPLENDOR® Water is a unique new brand of bottled mineral water that was launched throughout the Southeastern United States in January 2022. This volcanic and artesian water is sourced from La Maná, Ecuador and has an array of natural properties that support optimal health, including naturally occurring minerals, electrolytes and colloidal gold and silver.

Sara Couch, a native of North Carolina, leads the charge as Director of Growth and Operations alongside industry experts Collins Pugh (Director of Business Development USA), formerly of The Mountain Valley Spring Company (MVSC), and Collins’ father, Breck Speed, former CEO of MVSC. . A true family business, Sara Couch also partners with her father David Couch, founder and owner of Summerfield Farms. One of North Carolina’s premier destinations and event locations, Summerfield Farms is the brand’s premier retail partner where customers can purchase a bottle or case of SPLENDOR® directly or taste the water at one of many events and activations scheduled throughout the year.


“Summerfield Farms has always championed the importance of health, well-being and respect for the land – both in how we approach sustainable agriculture and in shaping our partnerships,” says David Couch. “When we decided to officially launch SPLENDOR® in the US, there was undeniable synergy there, and we’re sure our customers will respond enthusiastically.”

The Couch family discovered the historic legacy of SPLENDOR® water in 2013 during a family visit to Colombia, South America. Sourced from a natural aquifer, SPLENDOR® water filters over centuries through the basalt and lava of the Cotopaxi Volcano, one of the tallest active volcanoes in the world, considered one of the most powerful energy centers. powerful in the world due to its unique equatorial positioning. Local communities across South America have long touted the water for its powerful properties in improving overall health and energy levels, which the Couch family learned after speaking with local doctors and healing practitioners and through long conversations with their SPLENDOR® counterparts in Ecuador.

The historical prevalence of the water was revealed in the 1980s when scientist Guillermo Sotomayor discovered the water source alongside archaeological finds of over 300 ancient artifacts. One of these artifacts was a stone pyramid considered by ancient civilizations to be a “cosmic antenna” activated in areas of energetic importance. Coupled with testimonies of the restorative properties of water, Sotomayor’s discoveries led him and his predecessors to study water on a scientific level, uncovering its molecular structure, energy, and unique qualities.

“I was incredibly inspired by the historical significance and local passion surrounding this intriguing water source – I knew I wanted to learn more and share its story with our amazing team here and in Ecuador,” says Sara Couch. “Rigorous testing has revealed extremely low levels of TDS (total dissolved solids), an abundance of natural electrolytes and low surface tension, all of which are believed to help the body hydrate and detoxify. SPLENDOR® Water is ranked among the 10 purest waters in the world, and it is the only known water source on earth to contain both naturally occurring colloidal gold and silver.

Another unique component of the product is its indigo blue bottle, which helps preserve the inherent properties of water. The bottles will be available in four sizes to suit customer preferences: 1.5 liters, 1 liter, 750 milliliters (sport cap available) and 500 milliliters. As part of the company’s commitment to sustainability, SPLENDOR® water will launch in 100% rPET plastic bottles made from recycled materials, as well as two glass bottle presentations: 350 ml and 750 ml in the coming year.

“A major priority at SPLENDOR® is to consciously address the sustainability and overall environmental impact of our product and our business, while preserving the pristine nature and unique properties of this historic water,” says Sara Couch. “In addition to using recycled plastic, we are partnering with local organizations in Ecuador to implement a ‘Recycle and Return’ program to maximize the life cycle of our bottles and promote conscious behavior on the part of our clients. By becoming a certified Circular Economy company, we are committed to recovering and reusing at least 80% of our bottles over the next five years.


SPLENDOR® water is a smart planet certified company, a certification awarded to sustainable companies and products that strive to create a world where people and nature thrive in harmony by promoting the conservation of natural resources for present and future generations. SPLENDOR® is also a One percent for the planet member, which rewards brands that contribute at least one percent of their annual sales to environmental causes.

SPLENDOR® Water plans to take a multi-level approach to growth and distribution. The bottled water will launch at select retailers in the southeastern United States, with plans to expand nationwide. Currently, SPLENDOR® Water can be purchased at checkout on their website at splendorwater.com or directly to Summerfield Farms in North Carolina.