Volcanic mountains

Image of people relaxing near volcanic eruptions changed

Social media users share an image of people relaxing in a hot spring, while the northern light and volcanic eruptions can be seen in the background.

“Only in Iceland can you get this once in a lifetime view,” the caption reads

This image was shared on September 10, 2021 by a Facebook user. This image has been shared on many other social media platforms over the years.

Checking the facts:

The statement is FALSE. The image is transformed.

While searching using reverse image search in Yandex, we found a few websites that shared the original image of people relaxing in the hot spring. The original image does not show volcanic eruptions or the Northern Lights in the background.

The image shows people in a natural geothermal pool.

https://emptyrucksack.com/reasons-to-visit-Iceland /

According to Iceland24blog.com, this geothermal pool is located in Hveravellir, Iceland. Both hot and cold water flow to the pool, making it easy to regulate the temperature of the pool water. More than 20 people can comfortably swim in the pool at the same time. The swimming pool and all its surroundings are beautiful, offering a beautiful view of the geothermal area, the Kjalhraun lava field and Langjökull.

We also found several other reports that talk about beautiful geothermal areas called Hveravellir or Hot Spring Fields. These posts show similar images of the hot spring as in the viral image, but none of them show volcanoes or the Northern Lights in the background.