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Missing plane with 22 people on board found in Nepal mountains

The wreckage of a plane missing in the Nepalese mountains was located on Monday, the Nepalese army announced. The military posted an aerial photo of the wreckage site on Twitter with parts of the plane scattered on the mountainside.

There was no word on the survivors and no further details were given. The Tara Air plane was on a scheduled 20-minute flight on Sunday from the resort town of Pokhara, 200 km west of Kathmandu, to the mountain town of Jomsom.

The Twin Otter turboprop aircraft lost contact with the airport tower near landing in an area of ​​deep gorges and mountain peaks. Weather and darkness had halted the search overnight, but an army helicopter and private helicopters resumed the search on Monday morning.

Army troops and rescue teams had headed for the possible crash site, believed to be around Lete, a village in Mustang district. The foreigners on board the plane included four Indians and two Germans.

It has been raining in the area for a few days but flights are operating normally. Planes on this route fly between mountains before landing in a valley.

It is a popular route with foreign trekkers who trek the mountain trails as well as Indian and Nepalese pilgrims who visit the revered temple of Muktinath. According to aircraft tracking data from, the 43-year-old plane took off from Pokhara at 04:10 GMT and transmitted its last signal at 04:22 GMT at an altitude of 12,825 feet (3,900 meters).

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