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Moving Mountains play the progressive side of pop-rock on ‘This Quiet World’ | music reviews

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Moving Mountains does the kind of progressive pop and jam-pack rock that gives you pause for introspection as much as it makes you want to shake your hips. The Rochester quartet released their first CD, “This Quiet World”, on November 27.

Moving Mountains is made up of vocalist and guitarist Miles McHugh, Jeff “Woody” Woodruff on drums and percussion, bassist Chris Meeker and keyboardist and accordionist Lou Chitty. It’s a diverse group of performers with some great chops. All of the members have a college education in music, except for McHugh, who is the primary songwriter. He and Chitty also play in Into the Now, a classic rock tribute band primarily devoted to the music of the Grateful Dead.

The recording sessions behind “This Quiet World” took him to places such as The Green Room and the studios of Finger Lakes Community College, as well as the Eastman School of Music. The unrushed process allowed Moving Mountains to focus on finding the best versions of their songs, allowing the material to shine.

This Quiet World by Moving Mountains

“This Quiet World” unfolds with “Funk Chunk,” a track that could easily separate a cigarette butt from a bar stool. It begins with a simple guitar riff from McHugh, before quickly moving into a more complex arrangement with vocal harmonies and, eventually, some awesome keyboard pyrotechnics from Chitty.

The tunes that follow do a good job of creating various stylistic moods. “Breathe” sways with old-school reggae vibes, “Amnesiac” uses Latin beats, and “Stay Away” delivers the kind of folk-meets-world-beat groove that launched thousands of summer festivals.

Moving Mountains enjoy diving into the instrumental side of things with more depth than most bands. This approach keeps things fresh and makes “This Quiet World” an album you’ll come back to for more listens.

Roman Divezur is a freelance writer for CITY. Comments on this article can be directed to [email protected].

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