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Murderer liar jailed for nearly 20 years | Blue Mountain Gazette


An angry middle-aged man who stabbed a neighbor for stealing a laptop computer and then told “outright lies” at trial has been jailed.

Richard Archer, 49, who had previously been convicted of murder, was sentenced Thursday to 19.5 years in prison with a 13.5-year non-parole period.

David Bradshaw, 54, was stabbed in a scuffle in the early hours of February 16, 2020 in a mutual friend’s unit at Kendall Towers in Redfern.

Significantly, Judge Peter Hamill did not find Archer motivated to kill, citing substantial doubt based on Mr.

This comment did not suggest that Archer believed the wound was fatal and, had he intended to kill, he ideally would have continued.

The Supreme Court judge also failed to find Archer armed with a plan to stab Mr Bradshaw, saying the evidence suggested a chance encounter in the tower.

“It is of course extraordinary that the death of a man results from the theft of certain personal property,” Justice Hamill said.

Archer expressed regret for the murder, but maintained it was an accident and in self-defense.

There was no suggestion that he is accepting responsibility or having remorse, the judge said.

While Archer had spoken of early childhood trauma and displacement, Judge Hamill was not convinced this was the truth after hearing the offender’s testimony at trial which was littered with “inconsistencies, selfish statements and, in some cases, outright lies. “

“For example, he first told the police, wrongly, that it was Mr. Bradshaw who pulled out a knife and was left at the scene. It was a patent invention,” he said. said Judge Hamill.

His latest serious offense also involved stabbing someone with intent and then lying about it.

Judge Hamill reiterated what he had told Mr. Bradshaw’s family earlier, that nothing he did to convict Mr. Archer could do nothing to relieve them of the trauma and pain that they suffered and will continue to suffer.

“I hope their suffering will ease over time, but I don’t know if it will,” he said.

“It’s because Mr. Bradshaw was such an important person in their life.”

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