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Rangers rescue drunken teenager on acid at party in New York’s mountains

When a group of teenagers threw a New Years Eve party, they probably weren’t expecting to need to call for medical help. This is exactly what happened when a group of 19 years old were partying in the mountains early that evening, and one of them allegedly suffered from alcohol poisoning. says the small group gathered in the Marcy Dam area of ​​the Adirondacks.

According to reports, it was not just alcohol that passed between the group.

Dispatchers at Ray Brook’s office of the State Department of Environmental Conservation received a call from Essex County that one of the teens was suffering from alcohol poisoning while consuming hallucinogens. Rangers were able to get to the site just before 6 p.m. where they found three teenagers drunk. Because one of the teenagers was suffering from alcohol poisoning, the rangers helped the individual get into an ambulance where they were taken to hospital.

A lot of us sometimes forget our boundaries, and what started out as fun can quickly escalate into a situation that isn’t so pleasant. When you start to comb out substances, it can sometimes lead to problems. This time of year can also make the problem especially worse because it is so cold outside.

In another case around Thanksgiving, three hikers were lucky enough to be safe after their ascent to New York’s highest peak trapped them in the mountain. Along with not dressing properly for the big hike, DEC Rangers said stranded hikers had a hard time reading a map, which made this rescue mission even more difficult.

WNYT says the three hikers climbed Mount Marcy the day after Thanksgiving. DEC says the group first called for help this afternoon after sunset, saying they needed a descent. They would not be found until just before 10 p.m. that evening, sources said. Rangers said this area of ​​Mount Marcy had about eight inches of snow on the ground at the time. The trio apparently wore only sneakers.

Upstate New York said rescuers were finally able to get the group safely to their vehicles. Maybe these aspiring outdoor enthusiasts will ask for some suitable hiking shoes for the holidays?

Mount Marcy is the highest peak in all of New York State at 5,344 feet. The mountain is located in the Adirondack High Peaks in the county of Essex. Snow can start to fall in this part of the state in October, so by the end of November the peaks can be covered.

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