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Shame of the murder of the accused NT on his dead companion | Blue Mountain Gazette


As a forensic scientist detailed the horrific gunshot wounds sustained by a man found dead in a Darwin parking lot, the man accused of pulling the trigger hid his face in his hands.

Benjamin Glenn Hoffmann, 47, pleaded not guilty to four counts of murder in less than an hour at four locations on June 4, 2019.

The Crown says he was good friends with his third victim, Michael Sisois, and they worked together in a cover business.

The body of the 57-year-old man was found with a single gunshot wound in the parking lot of The Buff Club bar and restaurant at around 6 p.m.

CCTV footage released to the Northern Territory Supreme Court of the alleged murder shows a man hitting Mr. Sisois on the ground minutes earlier.

He then crouched over him with a knife before calmly returning to his white ute to retrieve a shotgun.

A witness previously told the court that she saw the man put a 12-inch-long knife on Mr. Sisois’s neck before saying, “I told you not to fuck me c ***” .

The man then points the weapon at Mr. Sisois at about two meters away and pulls the trigger.

Pathologist John Rutherford said Mr Sisois died after a gunshot hit him in the head and face.

“Essentially shotgun-like damage to the entire right side of the front of the head extending a bit to the left and back,” he said from the witness stand on Monday. .

“It appeared to be centered around the area of ​​the right eye which could not be identified on autopsy as it had disappeared with the displacement of the left eye.”

Hoffmann sat slumped on the quay with his hands to his face as Dr Rutherford read Mr Sisois’ autopsy report.

The court heard that Hoffmann was with Mr Sisois smoking methamphetamine the night before his death.

Later that evening, he allegedly sent his former friend a text ordering him to bring him a wife.

“I’m going to fuck you up, Sisois. Bring her to me. I’m going to fuck you up,” the message read.

The Crown says Hoffmann was looking for his ex-girlfriend, Kelly Collins, and a man she said she loved, Alex Deligiannis, when the murders took place.

Prosecutor Lloyd Babb SC said Hoffmann’s first victim, Hassan Baydoun, was shot and killed four times at the Palms Motel in central Darwin.

Hoffman then allegedly shot Nigel Hellings through the front door of the 75-year-old apartment building about half a mile away.

Hoffmann is also charged with the murder of Rob Courtney, 52, at an industrial Darwin Recycling site about 2.5 km away.

He was found with 69 injuries, including 36 stab wounds and stab wounds, multiple blunt wounds and one gunshot wound.

Mr. Deligiannis had already visited three of the sites regularly.

The trial was adjourned until October 27 after Hoffmann’s defense team told the prosecutor they planned to present “late” expert evidence from a psychiatrist.

Judge John Burns told the jury that the expert report would not be available until Friday and that the Crown would need time to assess it and consult its own psychiatric experts.

Defense attorney Jon Tippett QC previously told the jury that Hoffmann’s state of mind when the crimes were committed would be at the heart of the trial.

“It has to be a criminal mindset, not a mindset other than that, which is captured by the criminal law,” he said in his address to ‘opening.

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