Volcanic mountains

The Petra dining table by Peca celebrates the “raw beauty” of volcanic stone

Mexican design studio Peca has created a monolithic table made entirely of black volcanic stone, which is shaped and finished to express the unique natural qualities of the material.

Led by designer Caterina Moretti, Peca developed the Petra dining table to celebrate the various textural properties of porous black stone as well as its cultural significance.

Peca designed the Petra dining table

The natural, local material was formed by the same volcanic activity that shaped the Mexican terrain and is deeply embedded in the region’s traditional craft culture.

“When designing the Petra table, we had two things in mind: the appreciation we’ve developed over years of working with volcanic stone, but also the symbolism of it,” explained Moretti. .

“The Petra table evokes the mysteries of nature and their sacred play in our everyday life.”

Image of the Petra dining table in an interior setting
The table is made of volcanic stone

Moretti’s Guadalajara-based studio designed Petra to showcase the skill of local artisans able to shape stone into practical objects that exploit its unique structure.

The table is completely hand carved from volcanic stone, which takes approximately 10-11 weeks to produce.

Detailed image of the Petra table top
It can be used both indoors and outdoors

It consists of three large columns supporting a pill-shaped table top, with each point of intersection marked by a polished stone disc on top.

A series of straight, hand-carved lines across the width and length of the top draw the eye to these three polished sections.

The smooth, shiny discs were designed to symbolize the molten rock that was pushed out of the Earth’s core to form the rugged mountains of Mexico.

“The design of the piece is one of a kind: a contrast between massive proportions and graceful lines, a harmony formed by delicate shapes and bold textures,” said Peca.

Image of table top and stone furniture legs
The design has tube legs

Alongside the rough natural surfaces of the tabletop, lines and circles create what Moretti describes as “an abstract map” of shapes and textures.

Peca says the table, designed for indoor and outdoor dining, is “filled with the strength, warmth and raw beauty that defines what it means to be Mexican.”

The Petra table is one of five shortlisted projects in the furniture design category at this year’s Dezeen Awards. Other ongoing projects include a work table with integrated storage by Snøhetta and a collection of low solid oak chairs by EBBA Architects.

The photography is by Andrés Alejo.