Volcanic mountains

The Secret Advantage of Volcanic Vineyards

According National geographic, people have been growing wine on volcanic soil for millennia. Today you can find volcanic vineyards in Italy, Sicily, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Hungary and Hawaii. Volcanic vineyards provide unique settings with spectacular views to enjoy while sipping their singular wines, adds National Geographic. But why would you want to grow grapes near a volcano?

You’d think the land would be barren – and everything was wiped out by volcanic activity. The vineyards of the Canary Islands are covered with black ash, according to Food & Wine. Plus, there are those pesky rashes to contend with. By Food & WineEtna in Italy has blown its summit four times in the past decade, and Hawaii Volcano Winery is located just off the Big Island Volcanoes National Parkwhere the Kilauea and Mauna Loa assets reside.

Durability time adds that with global climate change, we could see even After volcanic shenanigans. But while the volcanic soil isn’t very fertile, it’s loaded with minerals and drains well — and that creates small, acidic grapes that produce signature wines, according to Food & Wine.