Block mountains


It is God’s desire for believers to go into the world and transform it with His knowledge. God does not want us to be fervent only in church. He also wants us to go out into the world, shine his light within us, and draw men to the beauty of the gospel.

It goes without saying that God wants you to be excellent, diligent and successful in our other endeavors as well, especially because these other areas are ways for us to impact people and the world at large.

There are seven areas (also called mountains) that shape human existence and life. These mountains directly influence everything related to humans and if believers begin to work in these areas, they directly influence people and transform nations, institutions and territories with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The concept of the Seven Mountains of Influence has been discussed by many men of God like Apostle Joshua Selman. It was modified as early as 1975 by Bill Bright (founder of Campus Crusade) and Loren Cunningham (founder of Youth With a Mission (YWAM)).

We are going to take a look at these seven mountains and briefly discuss them with you. It is our prayer that through this message, God will reveal which of the mountains (spheres) He wants you to take and grant you the grace to be excellent and impact lives for Him.

We will list the seven mountains below. Two of the mountains will be briefly discussed today, while the other five will soon be discussed in another article.

1 The Family Mountain (The Foundation)
2 The Mountain of Education (Building Mindsets)
3 The mountain of politics and governance
4 The Mountain of Media (Influence, Spirit and Control Systems)
5 The Mountain of Arts and Entertainment
6 The Mountain of Religion
7 The mountain of economy and business


This mountain which is apparently the smallest is in fact the most significant and the most important. The family is the smallest unit and the cornerstone of any society. Families largely determine the future of individuals and their lives. God has a plan for the family and it shows in the scriptures. He has a role for each member of the family, starting with the husband/father who should mold his nature of fatherhood.

When one or all of the members of a family fail to play their role, the family begins to fail. This, in turn, affects society. The devil particularly attacks families and marriages because he knows how powerful this unity is. This is why there are all forms of evil and aberrations seen in the family; divorce, incest, homosexuality, violence, etc.

The mountain of the family is very important to God. Therefore, if you are called to this mountain, whether as a Christian father and mother, relationship and marriage coach, family therapist, etc., you must ascend to this mountain of family and begin to set things right. original order by the wisdom of God. This mountain is a mighty mountain to lift the banner of Jesus high.


Whoever educates you has access to your mind and has the power to infiltrate your mind, your thoughts and eventually your actions.
The world has so much evil and decay in it and if the Word of God and the principles of God are not brought into education, more ungodly people will be brought up.

More and more people are losing themselves in the world by adopting ungodly ideologies, postmodern principles and atheistic teachings.
Many schools outside of Nigeria do not allow teachers to teach children anything about God. People are now indoctrinated with anti-biblical information.

This calls for the surge of more Christian teachers, thought leaders, educators and leaders who are spirit-filled and have Bible-centered values ​​to fill the mountain of education and maintain the crumbling education system.

In the next article we will talk about the other five mountains.
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