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Trump asks court to block January 6 tapes | Blue Mountain Gazette


Former President Donald Trump has asked the United States Supreme Court to block the release of White House documents requested by the House of Representatives committee investigating the deadly Jan.6 attack on the Capitol.

Trump’s request on Thursday came two weeks after the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit ruled that it had no basis to challenge Democratic President Joe Biden’s decision to allow the delivery of documents. This decision will remain in abeyance until the Supreme Court acts.

Biden had previously determined that the files, which belong to the executive branch, should not be subject to executive privilege.

Trump’s lawyers said in court that the House special committee’s filing was “extremely broad” and “an unprecedented encroachment on executive privilege.”

The appeals court ruling was another blow to the former Republican president and his allies, who have fought an ongoing legal battle with the committee over access to documents and witnesses.

The committee asked the National Archives, the U.S. agency that houses Trump’s White House archives, to produce visitation logs, telephone records, and written communications between its advisers.

The panel said it needed the records to understand any role Trump may have played in fomenting violence.

Later Thursday, he responded to Trump’s appeal with a request for an expedited Supreme Court review.

“A delay would cause serious prejudice to the select committee and to the public,” indicates the committee’s file.

“The select committee needs the requested documents now to help shape the direction of the investigation.”

Trump has argued that he can claim executive privilege on the basis that he was president at the time even though he’s no longer in office.

U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan dismissed Trump’s arguments on Nov. 9, saying he failed to recognize Biden’s “deference” to the committee’s determination that the committee could access the files, adding: “Presidents do not are not kings and the plaintiff is not president. “

The Supreme Court has a Conservative 6-3 majority that includes three Trump-appointed judges, but it has not always been receptive to its demands.

In February, the court rejected his request to block the disclosure of his tax records in connection with a criminal investigation in New York and, in 2020, also rejected attempts by Trump and his allies to quash the election. presidential election that year, which he lost to Biden.

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