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V Rising Sacred Mountains Boss Guide

Our V rising Hallowed Mountains Bosses Guide will tell you what you need to know to beat the terrifying creatures in the eastern mountains. Let’s dive in!

Quick links: Frostmaw the Mountain Terror (Level 56) | Terroclaw the Ogre (Level 68)

V rising Sacred Mountains Boss Guide – Frostmaw the Mountain Terror (Level 56)

Where to find Frostmaw the Terror of the Mountains

Frostmaw the Mountain Terror can be found patrolling the roads of the Sacred Mountain. You’ll probably have to run around a bit before you find it. Luckily, there aren’t many other threats here except for the occasional arctic bear.

What do you get for beating Frostmaw the Terror of the Mountain

  • Basic Ability (Frost) – Ice Nova
  • Recipe – Parchment

How to Beat Frostmaw the Terror of the Mountain

Frostmaw has two attacks in the first half of the fight:

  • Two scratches, followed by a jump and a double scratch.
  • Frostmaw will charge an Ice Nova – if it hits you, it will follow it up with melee hits (if you’re close) or three Ice Bolts (if you’re farther away).

Get Frostmaw below half health and his attacks will escalate severely with a few new additions:

  • Frostmaw will trigger a blizzard, partially obscuring the screen. Ice will explode from the ground and damage you if it hits. At the same time, Frostmaw will lunge at you and swing with both claws – if it hits you, you’ll be frozen.
    • Keep in mind that this Blizzard spell will continue even if you kill it or have already fed on it. This makes Frostmaw the Mountain Terror one of the few bosses that can kill you after dying.
  • Frostmaw will charge at you and hit you with both claws, freezing you if he hits you.
  • Frostmaw will fire a powerful icy beam, sweeping the screen from side to side.

The combination of his melee attacks and the Frozen debuff debuff can make this a tricky fight. If you can endure, however, you can beat it.

Recommended Gear and Skills for Frostmaw the Mountain Terror

Frostmaw the Mountain Terror can be a surprisingly tough fight considering its level, largely due to the debuffs it can inflict on you and how difficult it is to dodge. Therefore, it might be a good idea to wait until you have Ruthless Hollowfang armor and Ruthless Iron weapons or better, just to give yourself a bit of extra protection.

At least one defensive spell is a good idea here, especially since the freeze ray is pretty much unavoidable. It may even be a good idea to bring two defensive spells to protect you from the constant onslaught of attacks in the second half of the fight.

How to Beat Frostmaw the Mountain Terror Solo

Fighting Frostmaw the Mountain Terror is very difficult in solo. Even though he has no adds, Frozen’s constant debuffs will make dodging difficult.

Try to keep Frostmaw at bay and use defensive skills to absorb attacks you can’t dodge. Just be careful not to run too far down the road – if you stray too far from where the fight started, Frostmaw will reset.

V Rising Hallowed Mountains Bosses Guide – Terroclaw the Ogre Slice

V rising Sacred Mountains Boss Guide – Terroclaw the Ogre (Level 68)

Where to find Terroclaw the Ogre

You can find Terroclaw the Ogre in the Frozen Cave in the southeast part of the Sacred Mountains.

What do you get for beating Terroclaw the Ogre

  • Ultimate Ability (Frost) – Arctic Leap

How to Beat Terroclaw the Ogre

Terroclaw the Ogre has three attacks at the start of the fight:

  • A flurry of frozen spikes that will freeze you if they hit.
  • A three hit melee combo.
  • A leaping bite attack that will inflict the Chill debuff.

Once you get him to about half health, Terrorclaw will slam the ground and drop ice crystals from the sky. You will be stunned if one of these falling crystals hits you. Terroclaw will also have new attacks:

  • Terroclaw will grab an ice crystal and throw it at you like a spear; you will be stunned if he hits you.
    • You can hide behind ice crystals for cover, but he can still throw his ice crystal. It is important to note that standing ice crystals will not block Terroclaw’s shot.
    • You can also destroy the ice crystals to prevent him from using them, but he respawns them so quickly that it’s probably not worth it.
  • Terroclaw will smash the ground to replenish its supply of ice crystals.
  • Two rapid waves of frost that will instantly freeze you on contact.
  • A roaring attack that will incapacitate you.

It may be best to fight Terrorclaw from a distance. Most of his ranged attacks are fairly easy to dodge; simply strafe around the outside of the arena in a continuous circle, firing crossbow bolts or spells at every opportunity to fire.

Recommended Gear and Skills for Terroclaw the Ogre

Terrowclaw the Ogre is tough as nails, so Dawnthorn Armor and Dark Silver weapons are the minimum here.

A defensive spell is usually a good idea with bosses that use ranged skills. If you choose to fight from a distance, it may be better to use two basic offensive skills to increase your damage and end the battle early.

How to Beat Terroclaw the Ogre Solo

It will be very difficult to fight Terrorclaw the Ogre in close combat as a solo player; instead, you should focus on ranged combat. If you are confident in your dodging skills, it would be a good idea to have two basic offensive skills in order to increase your damage.

This is the end of our (a little shorter than usual) V rising Sacred Mountains Boss Guide! You can learn how to fight the other bosses and other skills by reading our other guides below: