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Ancient Alabama once had mountains taller than Everest

This is the first in a series titled “Ancient Alabama,” examining the natural forces that have made Alabama what it is for the past 500 million years, and how these forces still shape it. State today. Each year, thousands of people visit Alabama’s Cheaha State Park to see the state’s tallest peak, climb the steps […]

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How a city dweller revived his kinship with the mountains

There is something soothing about sitting down facing a mountain, observing its features, familiarizing yourself with the landscape. Spend enough time and you develop a kinship with the towering shape. And if the bond is deep enough, she’ll have surprises in store for you every now and then, keeping you going. Observing the mountain is […]

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Labor accuses Amazon of underpaying Australian workers | Blue Mountain Gazette

Federal Labor has accused tech giant Amazon of systematically underpaying Australian workers by nearly a third of the wages they are entitled to. In a job security hearing Thursday, Labor Senator Tony Sheldon claimed Amazon was paying delivery drivers $ 13.71 less than they are legally entitled to, blaming the global shipping giant. retail for […]

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Qld locks down border town over COVID cases | Blue Mountain Gazette

Residents of the border town of Moree will not be able to enter Queensland from Friday after the state recorded three new cases of COVID-19. All three were in Goondiwindi, and two other people were found to be contagious while in the southern border town. Two of the new cases recently visited Moree in northern […]

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Coffis Brother & AJ Lee & Blue Summit at Volcanic | Volcanic Theater Pub | Live Music | The Weekly Source

Jamie and Kellen Coffis, born and raised in the Santa Cruz Mountains of Northern California, don’t tend to think too much about their music. Nothing in their repertoire is overworked or exceeds its welcome. It’s pure roots rock, focused on melody, harmony, rhythm and ambiance. There are echoes of The Byrds, Tom Petty and The […]

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Amazon executives roasted over driver salaries | Blue Mountain Gazette

Amazon Australia executives have gone on the defensive after being asked the company is underpaying drivers by a third of the minimum recommended rate in Victoria. In a heated exchange at a Senate hearing on Thursday, committee chairman and Labor Senator Tony Sheldon urged executives on why they were paying Amazon Flex drivers a minimum […]

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Monash nurses lose ban on vaccine rejection | Blue Mountain Gazette

Monash Health has been given the green light to take disciplinary action, including firing nurses who are not vaccinated against COVID-19. About 90 nurses tried to block the planned action in federal court on Wednesday, arguing they had the right to be consulted on Monash Health’s mandatory vaccination directive. They sought an urgent injunction to […]

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Guilty pleas in NT quadruple murder case | Blue Mountain Gazette

A loving-sick man who terrorized Darwin in a drug-fueled shooting has changed his pleas and admitted to killing four people – ending his trial after seven weeks. Benjamin Glenn Hoffmann had pleaded not guilty in the Supreme Court of the Northern Territory to having committed four murders in less than an hour at four locations […]

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Storm-stricken Victorians hurt by delayed reconstruction | Blue Mountain Gazette

Residents of Victoria’s Dandenong Ranges have been hit by wilder weather, even as they struggle to recover from devastating storms five months ago. The Emerald SES handled 70 calls for help on Friday, while the eastern part of the state had more than 100,000 homes without electricity. But the region is still grappling with cleaning […]

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Red-Hot ‘Lava Bomb’ rolling down volcanic slope seems to come straight from hell

The 3-foot-wide lava bomb rolls down the slope of the Cumbre Vieja volcano in La Palma, Spain. GIF: Harri Geiger / Gizmodo Rocks rolling down mountains at high speed are a frightening sight, and even more frightening when they are still glowing with volcanic heat. Geochemist Harri Geiger from Albert-Ludwigs University in Germany is currently […]