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Indonesia’s Covid-19 medical waste floods mountains with garbage around the country

The South China Morning Post published this video clip, titled “Indonesia’s Covid-19 medical waste floods the country’s mountains of garbage” – below is their description. Medical waste generated by the Covid-19 pandemic is swamping Indonesian landfills. Surgical masks, personal protective equipment (PPE) and syringes can be found mixed with ordinary waste at Burangkeng, one of […]

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Inmate hospitalized with COVID-19 | Blue Mountain Gazette

A lawyer defending those held at a Melbourne hotel with patients infected with COVID-19 has told a court their lives are in danger. Daniel Taylor has asked the Federal Circuit Court for an urgent injunction to prevent Australian Border Force officials from preventing paramedics from assessing detainees if ambulances are called. ABF confirmed this week […]

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Morrison defends the blocking of the Porter investigation | Blue Mountain Gazette

Scott Morrison has defended blocking an investigation into former Attorney General Christian Porter receiving anonymous donations for legal fees. The Prime Minister argues that the government’s decision to support a broader investigation into the crowdfunding of MPs’ court fees will solve the problem. House Speaker Tony Smith said it seemed appropriate to refer the issue […]

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Australia attacks Chinese trade bloc at WTO | Blue Mountain Gazette

Australian officials have lashed out at China’s tough trade policies against the nation, warning that the economic punishment measures risked undermining global confidence in Beijing. In a strong statement to the World Trade Organization, Australian Ambassador George Mina said China is increasingly testing global trade rules. It comes after China imposed export bans on a […]

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Rising COVID-19 cases in New South Wales | Blue Mountain Gazette

NSW will emerge from COVID torpor as fully vaccinated people embrace new freedoms that are likely to see daily cases increase in the weeks to come. Treasurer Matt Kean on Thursday unveiled a $ 2.8 billion plan to help the state’s economy recover from a “once-in-a-lifetime economic disaster.” Prime Minister Dominic Perrottet said it was […]

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Weapons network reported by the money watchdog | Blue Mountain Gazette

The money moved by “weapons of mass destruction networks” has been recovered by the Australian financial watchdog. Patterns of transactions within the Australian financial system that attempted to cover up what these networks wanted to buy were reported by Austrac as recently as last fiscal year. There has been a threefold increase in the number […]

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Mercedes-Benz dealers take legal action | Blue Mountain Gazette

Australian Mercedes-Benz dealers have launched legal action against the German auto giant, seeking to block major changes to their operations. The Australian Automotive Dealers Association reports that 80 percent of the company’s dealers have joined the action related to the proposed introduction of new contractual agreements. The changes shift dealerships from independent, self-managed companies with […]

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Shame of the murder of the accused NT on his dead companion | Blue Mountain Gazette

As a forensic scientist detailed the horrific gunshot wounds sustained by a man found dead in a Darwin parking lot, the man accused of pulling the trigger hid his face in his hands. Benjamin Glenn Hoffmann, 47, pleaded not guilty to four counts of murder in less than an hour at four locations on June […]

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NT quadruple murder trial to resume | Blue Mountain Gazette

The trial of a loving-sick man accused of murdering four people in a shootout across Darwin is set to resume after a three-day delay. Benjamin Glenn Hoffmann, 47, pleaded not guilty to four counts of murder in less than an hour at four locations on June 4, 2019. The Crown says Hoffmann was looking for […]

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Seismic “telescope” reveals titanic tree-like plume fueling Earth’s volcanoes

About 75% of the world’s volcanoes live along the aptly named Ring of Fire. It’s logic. Squeezing a boundary between tectonic plates, the Ring of Fire is an open seam within the planet. But then there’s Hawaii, a chain of volcanic islands right in the middle of the Pacific Plate, far from any border. What […]