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Camperdown subdivision approved in the Blue Mountains

Gray County staff report image

Gray County Council has approved a plan of subdivision in the town of The Blue Mountains known as Eden Oak Camperdown.

It will create 33 single-family homes.

A county staff report says the latest version of the proposed plan includes a “total of 33 individual detached lots fronting on a 20-meter-wide public road, plus stormwater management facilities, open space blocks and includes further edits to reflect comments. received from agencies, the City and the County.

He adds that an open space block has been proposed along the entire south end of the property associated with the Nippissing Ridge of the Niagara Escarpment and that a walkway block is also proposed.

During a public comment period, some residents expressed concern that the proposal did not meet official plan policies for lands in a neighborhood with a specific and unique land use. They were also concerned that the density would be too high and that the development would alter the character of the street.

The County’s response states, “The proposed development is consistent with County and City Official Plan policies, as well as the Old Lakeshore Road Neighborhood Plan. It continues, “The proposed density is consistent with the maximum density listed in the City’s Official Plan,” adding, “The proposed lot sizes/shapes and unit types are permitted based on the current zoning of the subject lands. . The lands are designated in a settlement area and are intended for this type of development. The proposed hiking trail is not located on private land.