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Effects of volcanic eruption in Tonga recorded in New York

by: Sarah Darmanjian

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ALBANY, NY (NEWS10)- The Tonga Islands are about 8,000 miles, or about 46 trips from Malta to Times Square in New York. Although it is halfway around the world, the effects of the underwater volcano eruption off the coast of New Zealand have been seen and felt across the Empire State.

The volcano caused fluctuations in wind pressure across the states, according to New York State Mesonet (NYSM) data, said Ross Lazear of SUNY’s Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences. NYSM provides statewide weather data, some of which is used to improve forecast accuracy.

Lazear posted a graph showing the rise and fall in wind pressure across the state on his Twitter page Saturday morning. “Absolutely fascinating…you can see the wave of the volcanic eruption moving across upstate New York this morning on the recent rise/fall in @nysmesonet data pressure,” he said.

NEWS10 Meteorologist Jill Szwed said some of the ash may make it to New York, but it will be at a much lower concentration. She also said weak seismic activity was detected in New York after the eruption.