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Happy Trails: In the mountains west of Colorado Springs, a short trip to “euphoric” Skyspace | Way of life

Turrell Trail to Skyspace

At Green Mountain Falls, the Turrell Trail leads to the new Skyspace.

West of Colorado Springs, up a hill overlooking the lake and the lookout in the heart of Green Mountain Falls, is a peculiar new structure.

It looks banal, a gray block. However, it is said to be anything but.

Californian artist James Turrell calls it one of his Skyspaces. Skyspaces, according to The Man’s website, are meant to “engage viewers with the limits and wonders of human perception.”

2.JPG turret

At Green Mountain Falls, the Turrell Trail leads to the new Skyspace.

3.JPG turret

At Green Mountain Falls, the Turrell Trail leads to the new Skyspace.

Turrell has designed and built 85 worldwide. It’s the only one in Colorado to be found here in this hamlet which is home to the Green Box Arts Festival, which recently launched Skyspace.

It is accessed by a short trail through the woods above the town. “There’s this quiet journey,” an arts festival co-founder previously told The Gazette, “and then you come across this euphoric experience.”

The ultimate experience is experienced during the shows, incorporating LED lights with natural rays from the oculus at the top of the venue. Tickets can be reserved online for sunrise and sunset shows Thursday through Sunday.

But anyone any day between 6 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. can visit Skyspace via the Turrell Trail. It’s marked on a road one block from the lookout.

A little further down this road we found a sign for a thin trail to the left. The trail soon turns around and crosses the road, climbing up to a restroom building. On the other side of the building, the road continues to Skyspace, nestled between pine trees.

Hope you noticed the signs on the way out describing tour etiquette. This includes removing your shoes upon entry, no pets, and no taking photos or videos inside.

Travel diary : ~1 mile round trip (round trip), ~200 feet of elevation gain

Getting There : From Colorado Springs heading west on US 24, turn left for Chipita Park Road and continue to Green Mountain Falls. Just before the lake, near the Red Cloud Serenity Club Center, turn right over the bridge (intersection of El Paso Avenue and Hotel Street). Skyspace parking directly across the bridge. Trailhead just north on the road.

FOR YOUR INFORMATION: More rules and information at