Hotspot volcanoes

Living volcanoes and frozen lakes: these are the most dangerous hotels in Europe for daredevils


Europe is full of unusual and immersive places to stay that encourage people to come into contact with Mother Earth.

And we’re not talking about your average Eat Pray Love retreat – as fun as they can be for some. We have discovered destinations that put all the courage and beauty of the natural world at the center of the vacation experience.

If the pandemic Made you want to try something a little different that pushes your limits, you’ve come to the right place.

From sleeping underwater to eating a continental breakfast near a volcano, here are some of Europe’s awe-inspiring element-based trips.

As close as possible to Etna in a luxury villa

Or: Villa Neri Resort & Spa, Italy

This hotel is owned by a family that has lived in the shadow of one of Europe’s largest volcanoes for generations. A surprisingly chic affair, given its proximity to what is currently an active volcano, guests can stay in one of the 24 luxurious villas accompanied by a restaurant and spa.

Etna’s overall landscape keeps visitors close enough to take in its fierce beauty, yet far enough away to feel as secure as a person can feel on this terrain. A popular trip for agricultural types, visitors are welcome to try wine and olives freshly grown on land that bears a special label, Etna DOC

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Sleep underground in the caves of a historic silver mine

Or: Sala Silvergruva, Sweden

This former silver mine has served as a cave exploration site since it closed in the 1950s and has quickly become a hotspot for tourists seeking to explore its thrill-worthy depths. People who aren’t quite satisfied with a guided tour of its vast expanses may be offered the rare opportunity to stay in the mine’s only hotel room, left virtually unattended for drinking, dining, and entertainment. under the terrain of this rural area. Swedish city.

This trip is not for the faint of heart – Sala Silvergruva is nearly 300 meters at its deepest point.

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Geothermal spring spas at the foot of a Nordic mountain

Or: Frost and Fire Hotel, Iceland

This Nordic thermal retreat has been built along rows and rows of steaming geothermal hot springs that lead to beautiful Mount Reykjafell. By giving off heat, the springs are used to power the hotel’s outdoor spa facilities and even help create some of its restaurant dishes by cooking the hot springs.

Being in tune with this type of wild wellness doesn’t have to take you more than 30 minutes from the The capital of the country, Reykjavik.

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Underwater mirages by the lake

Or: Utter Inn Hotel, Sweden

Passers-by might be mistaken in thinking that this small space is home to a simple and unrefined traditional Swedish residence that floats on the water.

A hotel like this would be quite an achievement, but artist Mikael Genberg went further by designing the building to transport his guests underwater for their real stay. Ten feet below the surface is a double bedroom with floor to ceiling windows where guests sleep surrounded by dozens of species of fish that inhabit the lake.

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An ice palace built on frozen water

Or: Hotel of Ice Balea Lake, Romania

Since 2005 every winter has been a busy time for people living near Lake Balea in Romania due to the reconstruction of its famous Ice Hotel as it changes the theme for the season.

Guests are greeted in coolers and igloos assembled on a frozen lake, kept warm by free weighted blankets and plenty of boiled sparkling wine from the hotel’s ice bar.

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