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Our neighbors are dumping mountains of rubbish in our alley…it’s infested with rats and maggots – it looks like a slum

A MYSTERY dumpster has dumped so much disgusting trash in a closed alley that it’s crawling with rats and maggots.

Furious residents of Nelson Street in Hyde, Greater Manchester, have branded the alleyway a “slum” because of the filthy rubbish dumped there.


The alley is overrun with heaps of garbage and the rotten food attracts ratsCredit: MEN
Residents of Hyde are outraged by the mysterious tipper


Residents of Hyde are outraged by the mysterious tipperCredit: The Sun

Residents are terrified of letting their children play outside, where trash bags and broken furniture pile up dangerously.

The smelly old mattresses stained with animal droppings and diaper waste are crawling with creepy maggots, flies and rats.

The dump is so overrun with rubbish that the irreproachable inhabitants are now fighting to take out their own bins, as heaps of rubbish block the entrance to the alley.

Road neighbors are outraged by the appalling filth – but they don’t know who to blame.

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Hayley Sharman, 38, mum-of-three, said: “When I take out my bins I have to take my children and they are all under four.

“It’s running the gauntlet, there are large wooden cupboards that could fall on them, mattress after mattress blocking the aisle and diaper waste – it’s just disgusting.

“The stench on a hot day is awful. It’s an ongoing battle and it starts with a wardrobe and then more and more stuff comes out.

“Dogs and cats poop on mattresses and duvet covers – looks like a litter box has been emptied there.

“We don’t know who throws the garbage and when. New garbage arrives every day.

“It could be anyone – the alley door was sometimes left open.”

Jeanie Sidebottom, 77, said: “It’s disgusting – why do people leave places like this looking like a slum.

“My grandchildren come often and they can’t play for fear of rats.

“Cats come from all over and you can’t stop them.

“It’s so dirty. You see all this rubbish thrown away and you think, my God, it’s getting worse – it’s not nice.

I’m sick of it and all the honest hard working people here are too.

Jeanie SidebottomResident of Nelson Street

“People walk past and they think everyone is throwing rubbish there, but actually we’re cleaning up after our kids. I’m sick of it, and so are all the decent hard-working people here.

“The Council said we could all help clean it or we could all pay to clean it. We shouldn’t have to pay for it – why should we pay when we haven’t thrown the rubbish away? C is totally unfair.”

One mother is even considering moving away from the mountain of mud.

She said: “My mental health is really suffering. I take care of everything.

“My anxiety is through the roof – I don’t want to live here anymore. I can’t deal with it.

“It’s disgusting. I can’t take out my trash…it makes me anxious every time.

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“I’m afraid my children will be bitten by a rat or something terrible will happen.

“It’s not fair for the Council to suggest we should do community cleanup or pay for it ourselves. It’s not my rubbish to clean up, and I’m not willing to pay for anyone to clean up this rubbish. .”

Taxi driver Ahmed Begum, 39, and his wife Henna, 38, have lived at the other end of the terrace for around 12 years and are appalled by the fly tipping.

Ahmed said: “It’s disgusting, there may only be one or two people doing it, but the mess is huge. We spend £120 every three months on the Rat Man.

“They put the poison down and then walked away, but we have two children and we can’t allow them to play in the alley.”

Lily Ibbotson, 82, who has lived in her terraced house since 1983, said: “It’s been the last 18 months and it’s still happening.

These are not the first world conditions

Lily IbbotsonResident of Nelson Street

“The council cleaned it up once and it happened again. It took three men and a few trips to get it all removed.

“It’s not fair to the residents – it’s just appalling. It will obviously attract the rats – it’s not first world conditions and it was such a beautiful street when I moved in there nearly 40 years.”

Tameside Council said: “Tipping like this is completely unacceptable and we will take enforcement action if we find out who is responsible.

“The lane at the back of Nelson Street is a private gated and locked area and the responsibility for its maintenance and cleaning rests with the residents who access their properties via the lane.

“However, we are working with residents to help resolve what appears to be an ongoing issue and are supporting a resident-led community cleanup scheduled for next week.

“This is the third fly spill incident we have investigated and cleaned up in this lane in the last six months and the waste is believed to be from a minority of local residents who appear to have no concern or respect for their neighbours, or for the environment.

“Whenever we receive a fly spill complaint/inquiry, the waste is inspected for evidence of who is responsible. Where evidence is found, we take appropriate enforcement action against the offender.”

Crime statistics around Nelson Street

Fly dumping is a criminal offense for which you can be prosecuted

Crime statistics for Tameside are quite similar to the averages for the whole Greater Manchester area.

But at the end of last year Tameside crime rates were down slightly across the city.

Police recorded 27.63 crimes per 1,000 population in Tameside, compared to 31.24 in Greater Manchester at the end of December 2021.

There were 3.89 public order crime cases in Tameside, compared to 4.21 in Greater Manchester.

The alley is so full of trash that residents can't take out their own bins


The alley is so full of trash that residents can’t take out their own binsCredit: MEN
Locals described the old mattresses as a


Locals described the old mattresses as a ‘litter box’Credit: MEN
Those who live on the road have no idea who's to blame


Those who live on the road have no idea who’s to blameCredit: MEN