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Recycle old furniture is the new black | Blue Mountain Gazette

When it comes to improving our home, it’s not just about major renovations, you can totally change the look of your home from drab to fabulous with a furniture update.

Even upholstery can make a drastic change – cushions, throws, a rug and a few lamps and your home can totally feel like you’re all on board with the latest trend.

We want to take you one step beyond a soft furnishings update, but much less than a renovation. Let’s talk about furniture, and in particular solid materials, wood or even laminate.

Today we are not on the road to high end home furnishings stores, our mission is to find good deals.

Think of neighborhood council collections, used Salvo furniture, family trash, or even that room you already have that’s degrading the look of your home. We’re upcycling, baby, and it’s gonna be fun and totally transformed without blowing the budget.

To fit out our new store in Newport, NSW, we asked for custom store layouts as well as new furniture, but it all seemed damn prohibitive.

Find free or used furniture

The first stop on our furniture bargain hunting safari was our local Salvos store, which has a dedicated furniture section. We went gold by picking up a pair of classic 1980s colonial wooden hutches and a two-meter-long semi-matching sideboard.

While in the 1980s we dreamed of having this country-look furniture, in the 2020s we evolved – but the classic lines of this style of furniture are perfect for recycling.

Preparation is the key

Upcycling is super easy now with a plethora of products that take out a lot of the tedious work. For the best results this is good preparation, cutting round corners will usually lead to poor finishes or poor performance in the wear department.

Back then, we had no choice but to sand the wood back, prime it and sand it again in the hopes of getting a surface smooth enough for the paint to hold and have. looks smooth.

Now there are so many great products available that not only make the job much easier, but also result in better finishes.

Get the right products

There are specialty products designed to adhere to treated wood, lacquer finishes and even laminates. Primer products adhere to the surface you are working on, allowing your topcoat to adhere to the primer.

Talk to your paint specialist at the hardware store or even contact the paint company. By explaining what you are working with and what you want to achieve, a specialist will be able to recommend the best products for the job and the steps you need to achieve a great result.

Recycle your kitchen

Upcycling with paint and the right primers isn’t just limited to furniture, it also works well on kitchen cabinets and even countertops. We worked with Jules and Cam from MAFS and took their kitchen from dark and dreary to damn fabulous by painting the cabinets, countertops as well as the tiled backsplash – it was all about using the right products.

Our To block Friends Ronnie and Georgia transformed their old-fashioned kitchen into effortless classic Georgia chic with a paint refresh and the addition of stone countertops – and a tip: for smaller countertops, look for scraps of stone from stone suppliers.

For the best finish, remove cabinet doors to be painted. It will be worth it with the end result. New knobs and doorknobs will add the finishing touches and there are plenty of affordable options or maybe you can splurge on this item.

We just finished recycling our bargains in a soft cool mint tone with some fabulous eclectic buttons and so we invite you to stop by Mitch and Mark HOME next time you’re in Newport and rate us out of 10.

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