Block mountains

The unconquered mountains of Nigeria

Mr. Pratt was a high school math teacher in a Midwestern US state. One day, he wrote this mathematical problem on the board:

36x + yx, 2/3yx + 3x (66y + 12x).b =0

Mr. Pratt then turned to his students to ask who could solve the problem. The class was quiet. It was hard for the students. The professor then turned to one of his brilliant students named Mitchel.

“Mitchel, solve the problem.”

Mitchel walked elegantly to the front of the class, grabbed a chalkboard cleaner, and wiped down the chalkboard.

“Problem solved,” Mitchel said.

But has the problem been solved? Far from there. The story above is a practical symbolism of events in the government and leadership of Nigeria. Nigeria is plagued by many unresolved and protracted issues presented as resolved or non-existent. Day in and day out, people in government run the political machinery sweeping many frightening challenges under the rug as if they never existed. But these avoided realities come back to chase the nation and its people. They become clogs in the wheels of progress as the nation struggles to breathe easy. Jingles of hope about a bright tomorrow resound through our media. Preachers preach “better days are coming” messages. But hope only stays alive when people in desperate and hopeless circumstances confront the reasons and factors why there is a depressing environment.

For the purposes of this treatise, I will only touch on two mountains that Nigeria is still unable to conquer. The nation is united but there is no unity. We are all huddled in our ethnic tents as the fire of ethnic intolerance rages. This fact becomes very obvious during elections. It’s a katzenjammer today in social media. Many people want to leave Nigeria. Northerners do not think there is anything wrong with separating their entire region from Nigeria. The Southwest and its people are just waiting for a signal to leave the fold and flag of the Republic of Oduduwa. Conduct an opinion poll among the people of the South-South region, they feel cheated and robbed by Nigeria, and they prefer to remain independent at the helm of their own crude oil vessel. We all know where the Southeast is. They fought in the unfortunate Civil War to defend their cause. Igbo sees Nigeria as a trap and a manifestly unjust and unjust overlord. They want to get out of the gear like yesterday until this current election season when Peter Obi, an Igbo candidate, appears to be the next Nigerian President. If Obi does not win next year’s elections; many of his supporters would return to the same incessant agitation for Biafra. The majority of Nigerians believe that Nigeria’s merger has caused confusion. It is far from being a marriage fallen from the sky.

“One Nigeria”, to the ears of many, is a deceptive song; hollow in expression and shallow in meaning. Ethnicity rules Nigeria. Some government agencies are like ethnic clans. Government meetings are held in ethnic languages ​​and officials from the same agency who do not speak the same language are left out of discussions meant to build a Nigeria. Appointments in many parastatals are skewed towards a particular ethnic direction depending on who is in power. There is no reverence for what you know, only who comes from your tribal block that you know. If some groups are calling for a separation from Nigeria, the reasons are not far-fetched. The stubborn refusal to embrace true federalism in Nigeria by blatant elites is the perpetration of a violent fraud in Nigeria. It is an ignominious day theft that millions of Nigerians are gradually resisting. This stubborn and delusional refusal is at the root of Nigeria’s internal bleeding and inflamed politics. And our elites refuse to face this mountain in truth. We tuck it under the rugs hoping all will be well.

The horrific tale of the looting of the Nigerian treasury by men and women charged with power and control is Nigeria’s unconquered mountain. The reality of the constant plundering of our heritages by the rulers is obvious. Looting weighs heavily on the immense territorial space of Nigeria. The end of the giant monster might not come any time soon. Who is this Nigerian president who was never found with his hands in the cookie tin? Who has never been accused of looting after leaving office? Except for a few; who among our leaders is without hilltop mansions, a multi-billion dollar library and oil blocks? Show me the governor who is not a professional looter while in office. Senators? Many, if not all, of them are senatorial looters. Members of the House of Representatives are also legislative raiders with shameless pensions and ruthless pay schemes. Those in power in Nigeria have perfected the art and science of plunder. Customs officers in cahoots with their immigration counterparts are looters who manage our 150 borders and 1500 illegal borders across Nigeria. Take a quick trip to Nigeria; they will meet you at the port of entry and loot you loud and ugly. Loot recovered from Abacha, totaling billions of dollars, was plundered by some government looters. The young men and women who have become looters do so because they understand government looters evade justice and become celebrities instead. Raiders drive large jeeps and fly in private jets. They had COVID-19 palliatives stored in warehouses; government money stashed in wells. Nigeria is a nation with endless looting round and round! Who can stop the looters? Not even the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retired) who presents himself as the fiercest wrestler with every pig of corruption in human skin. Buhari’s noise is now in a diminuendo because among his people too there are lousy raiders. We will only determine the extent of looting in the current regime when power shifts one day. It is unfortunate that after Buhari’s bluster, the fire of looting still rages in Nigeria. If Nigeria does not find a way to drive corruption away from its officials, the menace will forever feed on its flesh until it reaches its bones. Will the looters stop on their own? Raiders will only stop looting when their hearts stop beating or justice strikes them down.

Will God step in and help us conquer these mountains? It will when leaders lead and people regularly hold them accountable for leading in lousy ways. The answers to Nigeria’s unconquered mountains will not come from the creators of our problems. The solutions are not found in leaders who cannot build hospitals or roads and cannot help eliminate poverty and hunger. The corrupt cannot put an end to corruption, they fatten it. No one builds a strong economy, thriving manufacturing bases and vibrant businesses better than men and women of proven character and wise leadership. Until these elements get involved in politics, the unconquered mountains of Nigeria stand high and still. If your heart embraces justice, fairness and justice, you believe that all men are created equal and that every citizen deserves a just shake in their own country, you must get involved in politics. If you know government is crooked and governance is capricious and you think your tiny contribution will bring gargantuan change, get involved in politics. It is on the shoulders of politics and politicians that the destinies of our fellow citizens rest. Your participation challenges politicians to do the right thing and helps reduce, over time, the towering mountains of problems facing Nigeria today.

– @FolaOjotweet