Volcanic mountains

The volcanic eruption of La Palma decreases in intensity

Credit: Involcan

The volcanic eruption of La Palma is decreasing in intensity.

Thursday, December 9, volcanic activity on La Palma decreased in intensity but five earthquakes were still felt according to the National Geographic Institute (IGN). Lava has been flowing and ashes have been falling since September 19.

According to Miguel Ángel Morcuende, technical director of the Canary Islands Volcanic Risk Prevention Plan (Pevolca), on Thursday the lava flowing from the volcano was following the existing lava streams. He commented: “The energy flows inside the lava channels, through the central area and goes west.”

Many people saw their lives severely affected by the eruptions of the volcano as they were evacuated from their homes and saw their lands and homes destroyed. The people of La Palma can expect to receive some 130 million euros in aid from the Spanish government. On Wednesday, Félix Bolaños said thousands of requests are expected to be processed by the Spanish government every week.

The government hopes that all complaints will be dealt with before the end of the year. Bolaños commented: “Our mission with the island of La Palma will end the day we rebuild it and the life projects interrupted by the volcano resume their course.

On Tuesday, 60 buildings were destroyed in the Las Hoyas neighborhood in just 36 hours.

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