Volcanic mountains

Tsunami caused by volcanic eruption damages Port of Santa Cruz – CBS San Francisco

San Francisco restaurants partner with black-owned brandsBay Area Black creators and entrepreneurs showcase their skills by partnering with select San Francisco restaurants for special events. reports Betty Yu. (2-25-22)

Biden nominates Ketanji Brown Jackson to Supreme CourtPresident Biden has announced that he is nominating Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court. If confirmed, she will be the first black woman to sit on the high court. reports Sara Donchey. (2-25-22)

Bay Area rallies focus on material support for UkrainePeople across the Bay Area are stepping up to help support Ukraine however they can, from attending rallies to collecting goods and supplies for relief efforts. reports Katie Nielsen. (2-25-22)

Russian forces attack the Ukrainian capital KyivIn an address on Friday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned that Russia would try to “destroy our resistance” overnight. reports Natalie Brand. (2-25-22)

PIX NowHere are the latest news from the KPIX newsroom. (2-25-22)

First weather alert Friday eveningMeteorologist Paul Heggen has the cold Friday forecast for the Bay Area. (2-25-22)

Silicon Valley company beefs up security following cyberattackSilicon Valley companies are bracing for possible Russian cyberattacks and it comes after chipmaker Nvidia was just hacked. Kiet Do reports. (2-25-22)

Bay Area Ukrainians react to flood of traumatic war imagesWatching war footage from Ukraine can create fear and anxiety, especially for families in the Bay Area who have loved ones there. Reporting by Juliette Goodrich. (2-25-22)

Oakland installs cameras to crack down on illegal dumpingTen cameras were installed at illegal landfill hotspots in Oakland. The images will help identify offenders facing fines of up to $1,000 per day. Da Lin reports. (2-25-22)

War disrupts Ukrainian scholar’s studies in San Jose stateValeriia Karnaukhova is a Ukrainian citizen pursuing a master’s degree at San Jose State University, but her studies were interrupted by the war. reports Len Ramirez. (2-25-22)

Weather Extra: Blocking high pressure ridgesWhat is responsible for the high pressure ridges that brought unusually dry and warm January and February? CBS News Bay Area First Alert Meteorologist Darren Peck takes a closer look at the leading candidate: A hot pool in the Western Pacific

Bay Area congresswoman on US response to Ukraine invasionRyan Yamamoto and Sara Donchey spoke to Representative Jackie Speier on Friday about the growing crisis in Ukraine as Russian forces advance on the capital. (2-25-22)

Former juror in Scott Peterson trial denies biasRichelle Nice has spoken out to respond to claims that she lied on her jury questionnaire before serving on the panel that convicted Scott Peterson in 2004. Max Darrow reports. (2-25-22)

Ukrainian families in North Bay follow the harrowing flight of their loved ones from the war zoneIn a house in Yountville, Ukrainian students from all over the country came together to find a way to help their country on the other side of the world. reports Andria Borba. (2-25-22)

Russia advances on Kyiv as world leaders react to invasionCBS News Natalie Brand is aware of the events unfolding in Ukraine. (2-25-22)

Bay Area Non-Profit Nova Ukraine Send Money and Supplies to UkraineIgor Markov, the director of the nonprofit Nova Ukraine, talks to CBS News Bay Area’s Anne Makovec about the support they are sending to Ukraine.

Cybersecurity risks following Russia’s invasion of UkraineSan Jose State Professor Ahmed Banafa outlines cybersecurity risks following Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

A former Oakland Scholar rose above hardship to help othersElizabeth Cook reports on a former Oakland SRA scholar who founded her own nonprofit in New Jersey to help underserved young women (2/25/2022)

Using cyber warfare and space warfare, Russia’s aggression could soon expand far beyond UkraineRussia’s act of war could extend far beyond Ukraine’s physical borders. U.S. and Bay Area experts warn the conflict could deliberately spill online and into space, to exploit a growing security threat at hand. Reporting by Ryan Yamamoto.

President Biden announces Ketanji Brown Jackson as his Supreme Court pickJustin Andrews reports on President Biden’s historic announcement of his Supreme Court nomination (2/25/2022)

PIX NowKPIX 5 Noon News headlines for Friday, February 25, 2022.

Russian military steps up attacks in Ukraine, targeting civiliansTeam coverage of escalating violence as Russian troops step up attacks in Ukraine amid global outcry (2/25/2022)

Preview of Sunday’s Black Joy Parade in OaklandElycia Thomas Knight, the parade manager for the Black Joy Parade, speaks to CBS News Bay Area’s Kamilah Tom about the event taking place this Sunday, Feb. 25, in Oakland.

COVID masks: CDC should relax federal mandate for COVID masksThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention should adjust the parameters they use to develop guidelines on masking in public.