Volcanic mountains

What is the tallest volcanic mountain in the world?

Question 01. What is the highest plateau in India?
North – Ladakh Plateau

Question 02. Who produces Bagan’s agriculture?
Answer – Non-Food Crops

Question 03. What is the crop area in India?
Answer: 60-70% of the area of ​​food grains

Question 04. What is the most abundant area in jute production?
North – West Bengal

Question 05. Where is the maximum jute acreage in India?
North – West Bengal

Question 06. What is the highest military honor given by India for courage and bravery in war?
Answer – Param Vir Chakra

Question 07. As part of the permanent settlement, what percentage of the owner’s total income has been decided to be given to the State?
Response: 89%

Question 08. Sohan Valley is related to what period?
Answer: The following Stone Age sites from the entire ages

Question 09. What is the name of the fertile land between two rivers?
Answer – Doab

Question 10. What is the longest river in the Indian peninsula?
Answer – Godavari River

Question 11. Which river is called South Ganges?
Answer – Godavari River

Question 12. Which river has its source outside India?
North – Brahmaputra River

Question 13. The Indus River has its source in which mountain range?
North – Mount Kailash

Question 14. The term “green revolution” was used to indicate what high production?
Answer: By increasing agricultural productivity per hectare.

Question 15. The Green Revolution was most successful in which states?
North – in Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh

Question 16. The green revolution is linked to which culture?
Answer: Wheat

Question 17. Who created the Richter scale?
Answer: Charles Francis Richter (1931)

Question 18. What is the name of the line joining places of similar seismic intensity?
Answer: isoseismal line

Question 19. India has been divided into how many seismic zones?
Answer: Four (II, III, IV and V)

Question 20. What is the highest volcanic mountain in the world?
Response – Cotopaxi (Ecuador)

What organization makes a topographic map of India?

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